Ian Sanderson

Ian Sanderson

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First Name * Ian
Last Name * Sanderson
Username * sknne77
Country * United Kingdom
City Sheffield
Nationality British
Languages English


Current Position Designer;Modeller
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or Video
Preferred Tools 3ds maxAfter EffectsAnimationArchitectural VisualisationCharactersCompositingDesignModelingPhotoshopMental RayPremiereRenderingZBrushTexturingStoryboardingRigging


Availability: Freelance
Website sknne0.wix.com/is3d#


My name is Ian Sanderson,
I am a Professional 3D artist, my main skills and software knowledge are;

● Autodesk 3D Studio Max
● Adobe Photoshop, Premiere
● Character animation skills
● 3D modelling skills
● Unreal Editor
● UNITY Engine
● Video editing skills
● 2D drawing using traditional methods pencil/pen

Over the years I've acquired a wide set of skills I enjoy applying them to all types of projects.